Our Strategic Priorities

Lifeline is able to 'think nationally and act locally' when supporting Australians in crisis. Our purpose is aligned with Lifeline's National vision of an Australia free of suicide.

 Our Vision An Australia free of suicide
Our Purpose To support Australians in times of crisis and equip individuals and communities to be resilient and suicide safe
Our Pathways
  • To be a high-performing Centre by ensuring strong governance, innovative leadership and measurable impacts for individuals in the community
  • Provide a suite of Crisis Support and Suicide Prevention services delivered by experienced, accredited professionals
  • Connect with and be relevant to our Community by ensuring that we support, advocate and  contribute to it
Our Strategic Priorities
  • To ensure our future by maintaining a financially viable, sustainable Centre
  • Meet the identified needs/demands within our Community
  • Ensure our volunteer workforce is skilled, committed, recognised and rewarded
  • Increase our profile in the community to raise awareness of services available
  • Develop our Information and Technology capacity to maximise our efficiency and effectiveness



Annual Reports