Managing Your Mood

Skills Groups for Adults and Adolescents


Are you struggling with distressing feelings and thoughts?

Are you experiencing symptoms of anxiety and depression?

Do you want to learn skills and strategies to more effectively manage your feelings and your relationships?

Starting August 2017, Lifeline is offering 16-week DBT* skills groups which will cover the following key components:


  • Mindfulness skills – to stay focused on the present moment
  • Emotion Regulation skills – to deal with intense negative emotions and develop emotional coping strategies
  • Distress Tolerance skills – to effectively deal with painful emotions and situations
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness skills – for assertive communication and building relationships


Who can attend?

If you live, work or attend school in Northern Sydney or the Northern Beaches, have  mild to moderate mental health issues and fall into one of the identified risk groups, you are eligible to attend (see for further details).


How much does the group cost?

There is no cost but you will require a referral from your GP to attend. To register your interest please talk to your GP or call PHN Mental Health Line on 1300 782 391, or email Lifeline at


For more information:

Contact PHN Groups coordinator on 8287 1158 or email

Funding for groups is provided by Sydney North Primary Health Network

*  Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) is a type of talking therapy which focuses on the specific needs of people who experience emotions very strongly and feel they need to change patterns of behavior that are not helpful.


2018 Skills Group Dates 

16-week Adult Groups

2018 Adult Group 1  –  starting February 26 at Lifeline Northern Beaches, Balgowlah – 10am – 12pm, Mondays

2018 Adult Group 2  –  starting February 26 at Lifeline Harbour to Hawkesbury, Gordon – 3pm – 5pm, Mondays


Adolescent Groups

2018 Adolescent Group 1  –  starting February 22 at KYDS, Rear 265 Pacific Highway, Lindfield – 4pm – 6pm Thursdays

2018 Adolescent Group 2  –  starting February 22 at Lifeline Northern Beaches, Balgowlah – 5.30pm – 7.30pm Thursdays

2018 Adolescent Group 3  –  from March 12 at KYDS, 1st Floor, 248-252 Peats Ferry Road, Hornsby – 4-6pm Mondays