Book Fair Items

Donations for our Book Fairs are always needed!!

We accept new and used books, comics, sheet music, maps and atlases, CDs, DVDs, talking books, computer games, collections of postage stamps and materials in languages other than English.

We can not sell encyclopaedias, Readers Digests, condensed books, National Geographics , video or music tapes.

If you have any enquiries about donations, please call (02) 9498 8805 or email us at


Donations can be left at the following locations:


West LindfieldPolding Road Book Depot

Polding Road Book Depot, Cnr Polding and Ignatius Road, West Lindfield.  Drive up and leave books in “The Shed” at the rear of the building.  If the driveway is not open please leave your donations in the footpath “book shelter” View directions

Our driveway is now accessible Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 10am to 3pm. The footpath Book Shelter, as always, is available 24/7.



The Lifeline Book Shed is located directly behind our office at 4 Park Avenue Gordon in the Car Park, off Pearson Avenue. As you enter the car park, there is a cream coloured garden shed set back from the car park slightly and next to the blue clothing bins. View directions

This shed is open 24/7.