Book Fair Items

Donations are always needed and welcome!

Please read the information below – particularly our guidelines for what we can and cannot accept. Then, if you have any further queries about donations, please call (02) 9498 8805 or email us at

Our quality standards

Because we pride ourselves on the good quality and condition of books at our sales, we can only accept good-condition items.

Except for rare, valuable, children’s classics, or antiquarian books, we are looking for donations of books which are in good condition. If they are yellowed, mouldy, torn, dirty, written in, defaced, have pages stuck together, or are in any other way significantly damaged, please recycle them rather than go to the trouble of bringing them to us.

If possible, if you have more than a few books, please place them in a cardboard box or shopping bag which is able to be easily carried.

If you have any enquiries about donations, please call (02) 9498 8805 or email us at



Donations can be left at the following locations


West LindfieldPolding Road Book Depot

Polding Road Book Depot, Cnr Polding and Ignatius Road, West Lindfield. View directions

On Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 10am to 3pm, please come up the driveway and leave books in the shed at the rear of the building. There will usually be someone there to assist you with unloading books.

If the driveway is not open please leave your donations in the footpath book shelter near the road. The footpath book shelter is available for book donations at all times.



The Lifeline Book Shed is located directly behind our office at 4 Park Avenue Gordon in the Car Park, off Pearson Avenue. As you enter the car park, there is a cream coloured garden shed on the right set back slightly from the car park and next to the blue clothing bins. View directions

This shed is open 24/7.