Corporate Training

Domestic Violence, Mental Health, Suicide and crisis generally are critical issues affecting not only the community, but also mental health and wellbeing within the workplace. Global research has found that, when employee mental health and wellness are managed well, employee engagement, creativity, innovation, and therefore productivity, increases substantially.

Lifeline has been a leader in Crisis Support, Suicide Prevention and Community Service for over 50 years through our 13 11 14 crisis line, as well as a number of other community initiatives, including training. Lifeline Harbour to Hawkesbury offers a 4 hour face-to-face training course which focuses on the basic skills required to support an individual experiencing, or affected by, domestic violence, substance abuse or other mental health concerns.

Accidental Counsellor

The Accidental Counsellor course is aimed at equipping individuals to:

Recognise when a person is in crisis,

Respond in an appropriate and compassionate manner, and

Refer that individual to suitable support.

Colleagues and staff are not expected to be Counsellors, indeed the need for boundaries is emphasised, however their compassionate and appropriate response can directly affect outcomes for the individual and their employer.

Courses are delivered at the client’s premises by qualified Lifeline Trainers, and will be tailored to the participants’ specific needs. The course also covers anger, suicide and emphasises SELF-CARE, which is critically important, as being exposed to another’s crisis can be a traumatic event in itself.

The cost of the Accidental Counsellor course is $3500 (exclusive of GST) for a group of up to 20 persons. It is worth noting that the proceeds of the course, after costs, will be reinvested back in to the delivery of vital services by Lifeline. In this way, your business will be contributing in a socially responsible way, both to your own employees, as well as those most vulnerable in the wider community.


Other Training Opportunities


For further information on how Lifeline Harbour to Hawkesbury can assist with your Corporate training needs , please contact our Corporate Training Manager at or on 0415 522 243