Lifeline Celebrates Extraordinary Volunteers

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Young Man - Thumbs UpThis week marks the 25th year of National Volunteer Week and Lifeline would like to recognise the extraordinary dedication of our volunteers in agreement with the 2014 theme of ‘celebrating the power of volunteering’.

“Lifeline’s suicide prevention work at Harbour to Hawkesbury is made possible due to the wonderful contribution of each and every volunteer, whether they be answering the phones or supporting us in other ways” Wendy Carver, CEO, Lifeline Harbour to Hawkesbury.

“It is heart warming to know that almost 483 people freely give of their time by uniting behind our common vision of an Australia free of suicide.”

“Volunteering at Lifeline Harbour to Hawkesnbury isn’t always easy, as supporting people through a crisis can be emotionally taxing, however it’s always rewarding.”

“Lifeline’s core national service is our 13 11 14 telephone crisis line, however Lifeline volunteers support us in a multitude of ways.”

“Volunteer administrators, warehouse staff, truck drivers and campaigners, just to name a few, as well as our wonderful telephone crisis supporters, are the true heroes of Lifeline’s story.”

“As we take pause to celebrate the contribution of our volunteers, we think of the positive impact they have had on thousands and thousands of Australian lives and indeed the lives saved through their commitment, dedication and generosity including every volunteer selflessly working behind the scenes to help sustain all of our services.”

“Demands on Lifeline Harbour to Hawkesbury services continue to grow and consequently our reliance on volunteers also continues to grow.”

“Last year, Lifeline answered a record 700,000 calls Nationally. But despite our very best efforts, 160,000 help seekers who called 13 11 14 were placed on hold, and chose to hang up because we couldn’t reach them in time.”

“We need volunteers more than ever before.”

“I urge everyone to consider volunteering their time at Lifeline; it truly is one of the most rewarding things you could ever be involved with.”

To find out more about volunteering please contact us at or call us on 9498 8805.

If you’re thinking about harming yourself or ending your life contact Lifeline. Call 13 11 14 (24/7)