Celebrating National Volunteer Week through our Social Media

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02 - NVW example - 5x4 aEstablished in 1989, National Volunteer Week is the largest celebration of volunteers and volunteerism in Australia. The annual event provides an opportunity to highlight the role of volunteers in our community and to say thank you to the more than 6 million Australians who volunteer.

On Lifeline Harbour to Hawkesbury Social Media, we will be celebrating National Volunteer Week with a sequence of Social Media posts celebrating our amazing, wonderful volunteers.

We asked nine different current or recent volunteers, plus one of our managers who looks after more than 60 volunteers, What does volunteering at Lifeline

Harbour to Hawkesbury mean to you?  In the lead-up to the week and during the week itself we’ll be posting their responses, one by one, on our Facebook page.

And on top of that we’ll be showcasing on Facebook some new LLH2H videos, and in National Volunteer Week we will be launching our own LLH2H YouTube video channel. This will bring together a mix of our own videos and a small selection of videos from Lifeline Australia and from partner organisations and events. The creation of our own videos and of our own YouTube platform will enable us to communicate and connect with a wider audience of individuals and organisations who share our vision.

So, that’s just a little of what our Social Media will be doing to celebrate this important annual event…

For the big picture, see the official National Volunteer Week 2015 website at http://www.volunteeringaustralia.org/national-volunteer-week-2015