Lifeline Australia’s CEO, Jane Hayden, says thank you to volunteers

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Lifeline has paid tribute to all of the volunteers that selflessly give their time and compassion, as National Volunteer Week kicks off with the 2015 theme of ‘Give Happy, Live Happy’.

Lifeline Australia CEO, Jane Hayden, said that work of volunteers varied enormously but every single hour volunteered by every single person was what made Lifeline’s suicide prevention and crisis support possible

“Our volunteers provide telephone support, work in our shops, at book fairs, in the warehouses, driving trucks or helping out at fundraising events.

They work they do really can help turn lives around and we can see the difference that also makes in the lives of our volunteers.

I admire their dedication and positive attitude and I know they value part they play in supporting their local communities.

It really is heart-warming to know that thousands of Australians freely give their time in support of Lifeline’s common vision of an Australia free of suicide.

Volunteering at Lifeline isn’t always easy. Our Telephone Crisis Supporters work all hours on our 13 11 14 service and helping people through a crisis can be emotionally taxing but it’s always it’s always rewarding.

Demand on Lifeline’s services continues to grow and consequently our reliance on volunteers also continues to grow.

Last year we answered a record of over 800,000 calls. But despite our very best efforts, over 140,000 calls that were made to 13 11 14 were unable to be answered by a crisis supporter before the caller hung up.

To answer more calls we need to reduce our wait times even further by having more crisis supporters available to help-seekers in Australia.

I urge people thinking about volunteering to consider Lifeline; it truly is one of the most rewarding things you could ever be involved with.”

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Lifeline Australia’s CEO, Jane Hayden say thank you to volunteers


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