Wonderful Christmas Hamper Feedback!

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Christmas 2016 Hamper Feedback_DSCF9104What wonderful comments and expressions of gratitude were received from the many individuals and families we distributed Christmas hampers to, this Christmas past!

In previous years many of our Christmas Hamper Appeal donors have inquired how their donations were used and received, so this year we’ll share with you here just a small sampling of some the fantastic feedback we got…

There was the client who, after a recent marriage breakdown, had had to move up to Sydney to stay with his parents here. Due to changes in his circumstances, his Centrelink income was disrupted and he had no cash for presents. Our hamper meant that he could make a contribution to his parents’ and sister’s Xmas after all, easing the considerable pressure and anxiety he had been under recently.

Then there was the family living with a number of issues which prevented them picking up their hampers until after Christmas. But when they did collect their hamper bags, they were so touched by the generosity of our kind donors, thanks to whom their nine-year-old daughter had some Christmas presents after all.

There was the refugee family from Iran, with two teenage daughters, who said our hampers made a huge difference to their Christmas. There was the Financial Counselling client with an intellectual disability who came in with her carer to collect her hamper, expressing her gratitude and happiness with a big thank-you hug. And the sometimes-cynical client who had initially retorted, “Christmas hamper? What would I do with a Christmas hamper?”, but when December 22 finally came around and he called to collect his hamper, he was transformed – “That’s amazing!” he said with a huge, beaming grin. And there were many, many more recipients whose joy and appreciation were touching and heartwarming to witness…

Lifeline H2H’s annual Christmas Hamper distribution makes a real, positive difference to so many people who are living in very difficult circumstances. Thank you so much to all the individuals and organisations who donated to the appeal this year, and a huge thanks to our coordinators Jane and Bev, (both pictured here), who put in so much time and effort to make the hamper distribution possible. Thanks everyone!