Starting next week, Support Group for those bereaved as the result of suicide

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Ceiny Maybury DSC_8758aa

Lifeline Harbour to Hawkesbury’s next eight-week, guided suicide bereavement support group will begin next week, on Thursday March 9 at Gordon.

Pre-registration, and a commitment to attend all sessions, are particularly important for this group. Applicants will be interviewed first to make sure they are ready for the program. Everyone is asked to commit to the full eight weeks before signing up.

Explains Lifeline psychotherapist Ceiny Maybury (pictured here) who facilitates the group, “It’s because group members form very close bonds and if somebody suddenly says ‘sorry, I can’t come because I’m going away for three weeks’ it really leaves the group like a pie with a slice missing. It changes the dynamic and it can be quite distressing for the others.”

Ceiny says participants feel safe among others who know the trauma of suicide. “The grief felt after a loved one suicides is more protracted and at a deeper level than any other.”

For more information or to register to join our next suicide bereavement group program, click here, or call Megan or Helen at Lifeline H2H on 02 9498 8805, or email,