Forthcoming DV-alert and DV-aware training

Categories: Community, Training

On Wednesday and Thursday 23rd-24th August, Lifeline Harbour to Hawkesbury will be running its DV-alert* training (Domestic Violence Response Training) at its Park Street, Gordon centre, (8.45am-4.30pm each day). Click here for further information including course details, eligibility and benefits/outcomes; and here to book a place on the course..

DV-alert* is a national recognised training program that enables health, allied health and community frontline workers to confidently:

  • RECOGNISE signs of domestic and family violence (DFV)
  • RESPOND with appropriate care
  • REFER people experiencing or at risk of domestic and family violence to appropriate support services

Lifeline H2H will be following this up one month later with a DV-aware training session, again at Lifeline H2H’s Gordon centre, (Wednesday 20 September, 2:30pm – 4:30pm). DV-aware is a two-hour awareness-focused program, a vital adjunct to DV-alert. Click here for further information, and here to book your place.


* DV-alert is funded by the Department of Social Services. The program provides initial DFV response training and is not recommended for participants seeking specialist DFV skills training