Dec 17 deadline for your Christmas Hamper Appeal donations

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Every Christmas, many people in our community experience financial hardship or social isolation, and find themselves struggling to make ends meet and to cope with varying levels of distress, due to factors such as redundancy, broken relationships, social isolation etc.

Please help

Please help us make this Christmas special for someone in our H2H region by contributing to our Lifeline Harbour to Hawkesbury 2017 Christmas Hamper Appeal.

You can help us bring Christmas to a family somewhere by making a financial donation, or by donating foodstuffs or items, (new please, not pre-loved), that would make lovely Christmas gifts for children or their parents.

More donation ideas here…

Please donate by Fri 15 December

Donations are required by Friday 15 December. Donations can be dropped off at our Lifeline centre at 4 Park Avenue, Gordon, or call 9498 8805 if you would like more information.


More about our Christmas Hamper Appeal…

Thank you for your kindness and generosity in supporting this appeal.