Walking the Talk for Lifeline H2H with Project 2.5

TCSs Chris Lisha and Rebecca Hooke take on a walking challenge to each complete 2.5 million steps in one year to raise money for Lifeline H2H's telephone crisis support training.

Chris Lisha has been a telephone crisis supporter with H2H since 2012, starting as a volunteer on the phones once every two weeks, and then working his way up to doing nine 6-hour overnight shifts each fortnight. His gruelling schedule means his daily routine is virtually nocturnal, so he finds regular walking helps him stay active and fit, and keeps his mental wellbeing in check.

When Chris realised how the pandemic impacted on Lifeline’s usual fundraising activities, he came up with an idea to help make up for some of that income shortfall: a personal fundraising challenge to walk 2.5 million steps in a year. On telling his fellow TCS Rebecca Hooke about his plan, she immediately responded: “I’ll match you!” 

No stranger to raising proceeds for Lifeline H2H, Rebecca embarked on a fundraising venture for LLH2H in 2014 when she joined a group trekking the punishing Kokoda Trail in New Guinea. Her team’s efforts resulted in a donation of $107,000 to LLLH2H. (Read more about Bec here in a previous edition of our Weekly Update.)  

This time, Chris and Rebecca’s aim is to raise $150,000 to support the training of more TCSs like themselves. “It’s an incredible privilege being part of a service that is so valuable to the community,” Chris says. “The work we do makes a huge difference, and it can’t be done without adequate funding.”

While he knows walking has great personal benefits for him, Chris admits “it can be a chore sometimes. But being able to give to Lifeline through Project 2.5 now gives my walking a real purpose.”

If you’d like to support Chris and Rebecca in their generous efforts, please visit their fundraising pages: