Group Services Providing Invaluable Support

If you know of any mothers of newborns (up to 1 year old), or people with depression or bipolar disorder, who might be struggling and need support, Lifeline H2H can help. Our upcoming Being Mums and R.E.A.C.H. group courses still have places available.

One of the many valuable ways Lifeline H2H supports the local community is through its diverse range of Group Services. All our support groups – including Managing Your Mood, Compulsive Hoarding, Suicide Bereavement and Eclipse (for those who have recently attempted suicide) – are held in a safe, confidential environment for people to learn new coping skills, share their experiences and support one another. 

Run by experienced facilitators, these support groups offer a combination of skills development, psycho-education, treatment, support or specific therapeutic interventions. Comments made by previous participants include: “Loving, caring & respectful environment”; “Amazing facilitators”; “Informative and quality content”; “There is an atmosphere of welcome and care [that] encourages improvement in wellbeing in a very genuine and warm way”.  


Meetings are held either virtually or face-to-face at our offices in Gordon and other local locations, as well as several in Sydney’s northern beaches. Visit our website to see our current programs and schedules.  

To find out more and book a spot in our upcoming Being Mums or R.E.A.C.H. courses, click button below.   

Being Mums (8 weeks, starting Thu 23 June,

R.E.A.C.H. (9 weeks, starting Tue 2 August,