Updating our Weekly Update

Our internal newsletter exists to keep our entire workforce of staff and volunteers informed about Lifeline H2H news, events and services, as well as connected to the centre and with one another. We want it to best reflect the concerns, interests and achievements of its readers across all our streams, so we’re inviting you to contribute.  

We’d love to receive from you any articles, stories, reviews, profiles, photos, art works, poems, thank-yous, videos, etc, that showcase the wealth of diversity and talent within our wonderful organisation.    

  • Maybe your team has won an award or achieved a goal you’re proud of. 
  • Perhaps you want to acknowledge a colleague’s hard work or act of kindness. 
  • You may have seen a great play, TV show, movie or exhibition over the weekend; or read a fantastic book; or listened to a brilliant podcast you want everyone to know about.
  • A client has given some uplifting feedback and you’re keen to share it.
  • Your grandkids gave you a drawing or said something funny or clever that you just can’t keep to yourself.
  • You tried a new recipe with spectacular (or even disastrous) results. 
  • Your garden is blooming and a photo of your prize blossom in the newsletter might cheer someone up.
  • An inspirational quote, image or cartoon that resonates for you.

Whatever it is you’re happy to share, we’d love to see or hear about it. So get your creative juices flowing and let us know what’s happening in your little pocket of the Lifeline H2H world. We’re excited to receive your contributions.  

Email us here.