When You Call Way2Wellness...

… your call will be answered by one of our online supporters who will listen to your concerns and assess your mental wellbeing and needs.

What happens next?

Once we know what you’re experiencing we’ll talk you through a range of online and digital support options best suited to you.

With your input, we’ll recommend an appropriate online mental health program or phone app you can work on in your own time.

The steps you take will depend on your situation but could include connecting you to local services, including face-to-face support, in combination with your online tools.

Importantly, we’ll provide weekly telephone coaching with a Way2Wellness online supporter to guide you along the path we recommend.

You won’t be alone as you work your way back to better mental health. 


Is there any follow-up?

Yes. You will be offered four follow-up telephone callbacks with an online supporter so you can discuss any issues that arise and we can assess your progress on a weekly basis.

This personal connection is a valuable part of the eMH process which importantly helps callers to feel well-supported and held as they navigate the sometimes foreign terrain of the online environment. You’ll also be able to discuss what happens once you’ve completed your program with us and consider the next steps in your journey.

Remember that if things ever feel critical, you can call Lifeline 24/7 on 13 11 14.

If you’ve used Way2Wellness you may be asked to take the YES Survey, for more information about the survey click here.

What is e-mental health or digital health?

Since early 2000, the Australian Government has funded the development and evaluation of online or e-mental health (eMH) therapies.

Two decades later the evidence is in, with findings that for many people with mental health concerns like depression and anxiety, online interventions are as effective as face-to-face treatment. This is especially so when combined with practitioner support, which is the model we use at Way2Wellness.

Online or e-mental health includes programs, tools and apps delivered via the internet or mobile phone. There are hundreds of them but not all are evidence-based and knowing which program to choose can be daunting.

Way2Wellness can offer you a shortcut through the maze of online mental health programs and apps.

Our online supporters will link you with the most appropriate online programs available for your needs.

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The Primary Health Network Programme is an Australian Government Initiative. Way2Wellness is provided by Lifeline Harbour to Hawkesbury in association with Lifeline Northern Beaches.