Crisis Support Volunteers

There are many ways you can help Lifeline. Volunteers can make a real difference in the community as trained Telephone Crisis Supporters (TCSs) or in other roles. 

Why volunteer as a Telephone Crisis Supporter?

To volunteer locally and have an impact nationally

To connect with others

To give back to the community


Develop new skills for personal and professional growth

Offer hope, and make new friends

Join the Lifeline community



Want to make a difference?

TCS Rebecca explains what being a Lifeline Telephone Crisis Supporter has meant to her.


What does a TCS volunteer do?

  • Once accepted, you will complete training to become a qualified Telephone Crisis Supporter.
  • You will answer calls to 13 11 14 from Australians in need of support over the phone. 
  • You will listen compassionately to what's going on for the person who has contacted you.
  • If needed, you will create safety plans for help-seekers.
  • You'll be part of an essential team of 260* TCSs working at our centre, which in 2020 answered 99,000 calls.
    * This number was correct at time of publication, and is subject to change.

With the ever-growing stresses of daily life and increasing numbers of calls to Lifeline's national crisis line, there is always a need for more TCSs to assist help-seekers with a wide variety of issues, including loneliness, relationships, domestic violence, abuse, gambling, drugs and alcohol, mental health, grief and loss, and suicide.