Accidental Counsellor - 2020 Dates

Accidental Counsellor is a 4-hour workshop which focuses on the core skills necessary to engage with a person struggling to cope with their day-to-day life due to stress, mental health issues, domestic violence, substance abuse or other crises.

Participants will be able to RECOGNISE when a person is in crisis, RESPOND in an appropriate and compassionate manner and REFER to ongoing support. Anger, suicide and self-care will also be specifically discussed.

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13 Feb 2020 9am-1pm – SESSION FULL


16 Mar 2020 1pm-5pm


22 Apr 2020 9am-1pm


19 May 2020 9am-1pm


17 Jun 2020 9am-1pm


28 Jul 2020 9am-1pm


17 Aug 2020 1pm-5pm


16 Sep 2020 1pm-5pm


22 Oct 2020 9am-1pm


13 Nov 2020 9am-1pm