Corporate Training

As organisations deal with the ramifications of coronavirus, equipping team members to be empathic and aware of signs of crisis is extremely important for the wellbeing of employees, volunteers, clients and customers.
Lifeline H2H is now offering training workshops via video conference to enable the upskilling of your workforce.
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When employee mental health and wellness are managed effectively, employee engagement, creativity, innovation – and therefore productivity – increase exponentially.

Meeting the needs of organisations

Lifeline Harbour to Hawkesbury is committed to meeting the needs of organisations for Mental Health workplace training solutions. The organisation has been a leader in Crisis Support, Suicide Prevention and Community Service for over 50 years through its 13 11 14 crisis line, its wide range of psychological, financial and community aid services, and its training activities.

Why choose Lifeline Harbour to Hawkesbury?

Few, if any, other organisations in this area have such a depth of experience in, on the one hand, providing counselling and support services to individuals, couples, families and groups; and on the other hand, providing both established and customised training solutions to organisations.

Being able to draw on this huge pool of knowledge and experience enables Lifeline H2H to deliver to our client organisations training solutions to a wide range of issues. We offer a range of established training courses such as DV-Alert and Accidental Counsellor, as well as customised training programs, tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients, large and small.

Let’s talk

To discuss your organisation’s particular training needs, please contact Cutty Felton, our Corporate Training Manager, at or on 02 9498 8805.


Accidental Counsellor


Accidental Counsellor is the program for which we experience the highest demand. This 4-hour face-to-face training course provides participants with basic skills required to support an individual experiencing, or affected by, domestic violence, substance abuse, anger, suicide or other mental health concerns.

Course content

Courses are delivered at the client’s premises by qualified Lifeline Trainers, and are tailored to the participant’s specific needs.


Other Training Opportunities


For further information on how Lifeline Harbour to Hawkesbury can assist with your Corporate training needs, please contact our Corporate Training Manager Cutty Felton via email or on 0415 522 243