Dare to AskDare to Ask Training Course

About the course

It can be difficult to approach and talk about confronting issues with a friend, family member or co-worker. Dare to Ask has been developed to equip individuals with the ability to Recognise when it is necessary to ask whether someone is thinking about suicide, Respond with the appropriate skills and Refer to relevant help.

Dare to Ask is a 2-hour short course that teaches practical ways to help a friend, family member or co-worker. It deals directly with the topic of suicide.

The course covers

  • Facts and factors relating to suicide
  • How do we recognise when a person may be thinking about suicide?
  • How do we respond if we think there’s a problem?
  • How exactly do we ask and what do we do with the answer?
  • Who can we refer to for help?

Course details

Duration: Single 2-hour session.

Venue: We can deliver this course virtually from our Virtual Training Room; or face-to-face on the client's premises, so long as there is sufficient space to accommodate the training while complying with applicable COVID-19 restrictions.

Each one of us can make an enormous difference to someone who is struggling, simply by daring to engage in a compassionate conversation that empowers that person to get the help they need.

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