Community Suicide Response

In response to increased rates of youth suicide in 2020, Lifeline Harbour to Hawkesbury (Lifeline H2H) has established a Community Suicide Response (CSR) service in the Northern Sydney region – please see flyer.

The CSR provides counsellors who offer support and assist schools and communities in the Harbour to Hawkesbury region in the wake of suicide. Support includes small-group sessions facilitated by experienced suicide bereavement counsellors conducted at the school or on site; referrals for ongoing support and links to resources are also given. This valuable service is provided at no cost to schools.

In addition to the CSR, Lifeline H2H offers low-cost individual counselling, family counselling and group services for those bereaved by suicide. To discuss any need you have for support in relation to an incident involving suicide, please contact Lifeline Harbour to Hawkesbury, Clinical Services on 9498 8805, Monday to Friday, 9am–2pm.