If life is in danger call Triple Zero 000
If life is in danger call Triple Zero 000

Accidental Counsellor

Our Accidental Counsellor training is for anyone who would like to be able to safely and effectively support friends, family, colleagues or strangers who are experiencing a crisis due to stress, mental health issues, DV or other personal issues.

Feel empowered to engage with someone who is in distress or struggling to cope 
and learn skills you can use in all areas of your life. 

Our training 

Over four hours, the Accidental Counsellor workshop provides basic skills and a structure to enable you to provide immediate support and assistance using the Recognise, Respond, Refer model. 


The skills learned in the course, such as active listening, asking open-ended questions and reflecting feelings, can be applied in many contexts, both personally and professionally. You will also learn how to ask openly about suicide, and respond safely whatever the answer. 


Our most in-demand training, the course is open to everyone, and no pre-existing skills or knowledge are required. We can also tailor the course to suit your organisation. 


The cost of the course is $150 per person. (Note: reduced rates may be offered to individuals experiencing financial hardship; please contact us directly.)


Learn to respond appropriately in a crisis with Accidental Counsellor training. 


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Training that makes a difference 

For 2024, we will alternate between virtual delivery on Zoom 

and face-to-face sessions in our office at Gordon. 

2024 dates   

Wednesday 7 August

1pm–5pm (face-to-face at Lifeline H2HS Gordon) 


Tuesday 10 September

9:30am–1:30pm (via Zoom) 


Tuesday 15 October

9:30am–1:30pm (face-to-face at Lifeline H2HS Gordon) 


Tuesday 5 November

9:30am–1:30pm (via Zoom) 


Wednesday 4 December

9:30am–1:30pm (face-to-face at Lifeline H2HS Gordon) 


'The Accidental Counsellor course was insightful and powerful. I felt empowered and encouraged,
and now have skills I can use in both my work and personal life.'

'Invaluable and essential. The Accidental Counsellor training equipped me with vital skills to provide immediate support in crisis situations.'

Want to find out more?

If you have questions about our Accidental Counsellor training 
or would like to find out more, please get in touch.