Community Aid Volunteers

Community Aid Volunteers

Our Community Aid Service is very fortunate to have a dynamic pool of volunteers of all ages and from all walks of life who have a desire to contribute to the welfare of other people.

Our volunteers are an integral part of our team working with the elderly and younger people with disabilities and their carers. They work professionally and with dedication.

Volunteers are recruited under strict guidelines and receive ongoing training. Community Aid Volunteers provide support services such as transport for shopping, medical appointments and social outings, as well as companionship visits and regular phonecalls.

This helps our Community Aid clients to engage with their families, remain independent and active, participate in the local community, attend important appointments, avoid social isolation and maintain physical and mental wellbeing.

It is entirely up to the volunteer as to how many days, how long and who they want to assist. It is a flexible, easy and very essential service for our community. Your help with client transportation or visiting clients in their home is always welcome. As a volunteer, you are reimbursed for petrol expenses.