Accidental Counsellor Training

Accidental Counsellor Training Course

Regular monthly workshop dates are available from February 2022 onwards but are subject to change. For 2022, we are hoping to alternate between delivering training via Zoom and face-to-face sessions in our office in Gordon.

Many people find it difficult to engage with a family member, friend or colleague who is going through a crisis due to mental health concerns, domestic violence, drugs and alcohol, relationship difficulties, financial stress, grief, loneliness, bullying or other issues.

This 4-hour training course will give participants the confidence and the skills necessary to support someone in their moment of need, and to be able to refer them to the most appropriate support. 

A counsellor by chance

Participants are not expected to literally become Counsellors. But their empathic and respectful response – at a time when a client, patient, colleague, mate or family member may be in crisis and in need of support – can positively affect outcomes for the individual involved.

Recognise, respond and refer

The course equips individuals to:

  • recognise when a person is in crisis,
  • respond in an appropriate and compassionate manner, and
  • refer the person to a suitable service.

Important issues such as suicide, anger, boundaries and self-care are covered. 

Looking after yourself

Self-care, which is critically important, is particularly emphasised within the program, as being exposed to another’s crisis can be a taxing and traumatic event in itself.

Client Testimonials

"Most important and best training I’ve had."

"I really valued the training and will be recommending it to my team and volunteers."

"I walked out better equipped than when I walked in."

"Very eye-opening and insightful. I believe it will help in my professional life and personal life too."

"I haven’t had this type of training before and I found it incredibly useful for my day job. I surprisingly think it will be fantastic for my general life as well."

"The course gave me additional skills I can use in my work and personal life."

"It is a blessing to have this kind of training available to staff for professional and personal development."

"Thank you for one of the most insightful and powerful sessions of 'Accidental Counsellor', inspiring true reflection, and in the course of the session offering empowerment and instilling encouragement."

Course Details

The cost of the course is $150 per person. (Reduced rates are offered to participants from not-for-profits. Please use the email below to request details before booking.)

Our Corporate Training team will be happy to assist you with any enquiries you may have:

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